About Nutri-Sci 2000
Nutri-Sci 2000 produces a line of effective nutritional and therapeutic products. Some are improved old reliables while others are newly developed Nutriceuticals. These nutriceuticals are perfect for the animal owners seeking alternative natural products for their pets and performance animals as well as themselves.https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adam-schanz

Product:https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Alder/reviews Description:
Mag-O-Lax Anti-Acid, Laxative, Digestive Tract Stimulant
Nutri-Flor Nutritional Supplement - Multi-Species - Especially Ruminants
Feed The Rumen / Feed The Cow
Potassium Supplement Feed Grade - 100% Soluble
99% Potassium Chloride
52% Potassium
Nu-Sci FT Feed Supplement
Nu-Sci BD Feed Supplement
Sodium Phosphate (Monobasic) High Purity - 100% Soluble
(Of Interest To Dairy Practitioners)
Eze-Go Nutriceutical - Natural Anti-Inflammatory With Nutrients For Joints - Capsules For Dogs
Eze-Plus Natural Alternative To Bute
Nutriceutical - Natural Anti-Inflammatory In Palatable Powder For Horses And Cattle
G.I.T. Stimulant The Appetizer
Rumen And Bowel Stimulant - Herbal, Liquid Product Without Anti-Acid
Nu-Sci I.S. For Equine Athletes
Natural Ingredients For Immune Support At Times Of Stress
Nu-Sci F.E.
Nutriceutical - Natural Anti-Inflammatory And Joint Nutrients With DIN For Human Use

Available from your local Adam SchanzVeterinarian! Veterinarians can purchase our products through their local Veterinary Purchasing Wholesaler.